Easy to Install

  • GutterDeck is shipped to you with each board sized to your exact specifications, saving you time and money and eliminating material waste.
  • GutterDeck’s precision manufacturing ensures ease of installation. Each interlocking board fits seamlessly with the next. The system is secured with a minimal number of fasteners, for a significantly shorter installation time compared to other materials.

Low Maintenance

  • Unlike porous deck surfaces, GutterDeck resists growth of mold and mildew
  • GutterDeck won’t rust, rot, split or stain
  • GutterDeck provides years of low-maintenance enjoyment with no sanding, staining or painting required
  • Minimal expansion and contraction make GutterDeck an ideal material for use in extreme temperatures
  • GutterDeck won’t need to be replaced like traditional wood decking, saving you time and money

Functional and Attractive

  • Our waterproof decking is compatible with all architectural styles, increasing property values with its long-lasting beauty.
  • Unlike wood or synthetic materials, it is less affected by high temperatures, even direct sunlight. GutterDeck stays cooler than solid decking because it has a lower heat capacity and much higher surface area to volume ratio.
  • Non-slip surface provides steady footing in all environments [and won’t splinter or snag]
  • GutterDeck is non-combustible, making it a safer choice for use with grills and fire pits.